Equ'hip avocat: accompanying Horse riders and owners

 As a horse rider, you strive to ensure the well-being of your horse, however, it is not always easy to maintain a horse’s well-being while struggling with the pressures of daily life as well as the financial and legal difficulties you may come across.

Whether you are a devoted amateur or pursuing the adrenaline rush of an equestrian sport, EQU’HIP is here to help you manage and overcome these difficulties which may arise from your individual passion for horses. EQU’HIP understands the importance of personalized and adapted legal services which live up to your ambitions.

EQU’HIP offers you legal advice which will help you live your horse-related passion to the full, and can also assist you in avoiding or facing horse-related litigation by providing you with legal expertise in areas such as:

  • Horse ownership and property issues
  • Equine transportation
  • Horse buying and selling
  • Insurance
  • Advertising and sponsoring
  • Competition regulations and rules
  • Contract and tort issues
  • Pre-litigation and litigation advice 

And more…