EQU'HIP AVOCAT: ADVISING Equestrian businesses

Through your business, you work directly with horses, whether it be through horse livery, development of horses for competition, teaching, training or breeding. On top of all the difficulties that any company may come accross, you also have to deal with issues arising from horses and their well-being.

The same goes for equestrian sports people and horse racing, evolving in a fast-moving world, packed with adrenaline and fast decision taking.

In order for your projects to develop and grow, you need people you can trust, service providers on whom you can count.

EQU’HIP AVOCAT can provide you with this service, offering legal services adapted to your businesses and passion, providing you with both legal advice and guidance, whether it be on a one-off basis when avoiding or facing a court case or as general legal support for your business in many areas such as:

  • Horse ownership
  • Setting-up and management of equestrian business
  • Protective and adapted contract and tort advice
  • Employment
  • Equine transportation
  • Advertising, sponsoring, communication
  • Competition regulations

And more...